Welcome to Al-Amanah Youth Academy

Al-Amanah Youth Academy is an English Medium School situated in Rahatabad, Peshawar. The school was established in 1995 with the name of Junior Model School. In 1996 the Board of Governors changed the name of the school to Muhammad Amir Memorial Academy. In December 2013, the name of the school has been finally changed to Al-Amanah Youth Academy.

Amanah means:-to fulfill trust obligations.

It means that offices, ranks of government, whatever they may be are handed over to the recipients as trust from ALLAAH; those who receive it are its Ameen (trustees).

The Quran says:

“Surely ALLAAH commands you to fulfill trust obligation towards those entitled to them.”
So everyone who holds anything in trust with him is duty bound to see that trust obligations are faithfully fulfilled and that the rightful recipients have in their hands what is their duty.

 In the Sahihs of Al-Bukhari and Muslim and in the Musand of Ahmad, there is a narration from Sayyidna Hudhaifah (R.A) saying that,

The Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W) told us two things one of these we have already witnessed with our own eyes. The unfolding of the other is still awaited. The first thing is that,” First of all amanah was sent down into the hearts of the man in faith. Then the Quran was revealed and then the people of faith acquired knowledge from the Quran and practice from the Sunnah.

If you fulfill the demands of this trust (obedience of given injunctions) to the best of your ability, you will have the best of reward and particular the honor of having nearness to ALLAAH, and if you failed to implement these injunction or fell short in it, you will be punished”.
If we read an Islamic history we’ll come to know that Sayyida Adam (A.S) is, as a Prophet protected by ALLAAH from committing sins, The burden of responsibility which he had assumed were carried out by him dully and certainly. As a result of this, he was made the object of prostration by angles and, in the hereafter his station is far higher than that of the angles.
So it is the duty of Ameen (trustees) to do their duty dully and show honesty and trustworthiness.
Those who do not perform their duty with honesty, in Quran two words are used for them:

  1. Zalum: One who is unjust to himself.
  2. Jahul: One who is unaware of the end.

In Quran ALLAH says:

“With the result ALLAAH will punish the hypocrites, men and women and the Mushriks, men and women, and will accept the repentance of the believing men and women. Surely ALLAAH is most forgiving very Merciful”.

Why Choose us?

We provide religious, languagistive, mathematical & scientific approach to new generation.

Our vision is to prepare new generation to pursue their aspirations and contribute to the world.

To pay equal attention to moral development & character building so as to produce honest & upright individuals who will be capable to contribute humanity.


The Academy aims at:


Course prescribed by Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education KPK shall be followed and some supplementary books will also be included in the course to enhance the education standard of the students.

Supplications for all the classes are subscribed. The course of Mut’ala e Qur’an has been taught, provided by Al Ilm Foundation. Presentations of moral teachings, scientific researches and discoveries are shown through multimedia.